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Rajalan Puhaltajat (founded in 1972) is a parents´ organisation supporting the music classes in Rajala Primary School, RaPu Big Band and the Rajalan Puhaltajat Youth Wind Band.

We have almost 200 children and their families in our organisation. Every year we have two main concerts - one before christmas and another one on springtime in Kuopio Music Centre. This year we will celebrate our 40th year with a concert on 2nd May in Kuopio Music Centre at 18.30. Welcome to the concert!


In Rajala Primary school there are music oriented classes where pupils have more music than in ordinary classes. The pupils also sing in choirs and play some wind band instrument. There are six talented teachers taking care of the pupils that have been chosen to the class via test that measures the musical skills of the children.


Every student of Rajala Music Classes sings in one or more choirs. We have choirs for every grade, and also some compound class choirs. For the bigger concerts we also form choirs where all the pupils sing together - that way there can be more than 100 children singing in a same choir. Last year we started also a Youthchoir.


Every pupil in our music class begins to play some wind band instrument at the third grade. Pupils choose their instruments so, that every class has its own wind band.
The organisation (Rajalan Puhaltajat) borrows the instruments to the pupils and also offers them some of the first private lessons to the instrument. That way we make sure, that every pupil gets the best possible start to the instrument studies.

Rajalan Puhaltajat has nowadays 6 bands: The music class bands (3th, 4th, 5th and 6th grade band), a schoolband (pupils from 5th and 6th grade) and Youth Wind Band.

Rajalan Puhaltajat Youth Wind Band

Today our Youthband has about 65 young players. Most of them are former students of Rajala Primary School. They are from 13 to 20 years old and have played their
instruments at least 4 years before getting to our Youth Wind Band.

Rajalan Puhaltajat Youth Wind Band has rehersals every week during the schoolyear. The band has many concerts in Kuopio and around it. Last year (2012) we had about 20 concerts - part of them were for the entire band, some for smaller groups. The band makes concert trips also abroad - 2004 we were in Austria and in Germany. Summer (2008) our band was in Italy, playing concerts for example in Gabbice Mare, Rosolina and also in San Marino.

The Youth Wind Band is conducted by Erkki Kaukonen.